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AM 86 | Premium Skimcoat

AM 86 is a premium skimcoat surface finisher used to obtain a smooth layer on the surface of concrete or plaster, and serves as a base before painting or attaching wallpaper.
AM 86 is an instant-use mixture, comprising basic materials of cement, filler, additive and strengthened with POLYMERIC BINDER™, producing a smooth layer of surface finish, non-cracking, not easy to peel off, and long lasting.   


  • Strong bonding ability, resistant to peeling
  • Prevents hairline cracking caused by extreme shrinkage
  • It has low porosity and low alkali content, facilitating the process of painting and economic use of paint
  • Produces smooth end result, allowing surface to be painted directly with no base paint or putty
  • Dries completely within only 7 days, surface can directly be painted, saving labour time  


  • Exterior and Interior


  • Walls and Ceiling