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AM 102 | Water Repellent

AM 102 is a silicone based natural stone protector, giving a natural end result,  withstands UV rays and has microscopic particles enabling it to give protection  deep into the stone pores.
AM 102 functions as a stone protecting agent to prevent damage from  fungus, moss and the weather, retaining  the beauty of the stones’ natural texture. 


  • AM 102 gives a shiny end result, exposing the stone’s veins, adding to their beauty
  • Has strong bonding ability, making the coating long lasting
  • AM 102  withstands UV rays
  • It forms a water repellant film preventing water from seeping into the stone pores, preventing  
    growth of fungus and moss
  • Ready to use, water based coating (does not require mixing with thinner), resulting lower cost 


  • Exterior and interior
  • Walls and Roofs
  • Natural stones                                
  • Roof tiles                            
  • Statues        
  • Immitation stones                         
  • Reliefs                               
  • Exposed bricks