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AM 151 | Stone Coating - Glossy

AM 151 is a natural stone protecting coating producing a shiny surface; an acrylic based product that withstands UV rays and has strong bonding ability, giving maximum protection to the surface of natural stones.
AM 151 is used for protecting natural stones from damage caused by fungus, moss and weather, retaining the beauty of the stone’s natural texture.


  • AM 151 gives a shiny end result, exposing the stone’s veins, adding  to their  beauty.
  • Has strong bonding capability, making the coating long lasting
  • AM 151 withstands UV rays
  • AM 151 performs a water repellant film preventing water from seeping into the stone pores, 
    preventing  growth of fungus and moss     
  • Exterior and Interior
  • Walls and Roofs


  • Natural stone
  • Roof tiles
  • Statues        
  • Imitation stones                            
  • Reliefs                                 
  • Exposed bricks