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PT ADIWISESA MANDIRI Building Products Indonesia  (PT AMBPI) was founded in 1988 in Jakarta, Indonesia. The initial aim of the company was to introduce and market tile adhesive products to the Indonesian public, particularly to the  construction industry, in order to overcome the problem of tile popping that may occur some time after tiles have been laid.

In addition to tile adhesives, other support products were put on the market, such as tile grout, waterproofing, skimcoat, stone coating, bonding agent. At the beginning of operations, PT AMBPI was the sole distributor of “AM” (Adhesive Manufacturer) products from Australia in Indonesia, and of all “AM” products imported directly from Australia.

Being aware of the difference in climate and some other factors between Indonesia and Australia, after obtaining a license from AM Products Australia, PT AMBPI made improvements and developments in product quality, adjusting to the temperature and climate in Indonesia, ease of application, bonding strength, and other factors.

In the course of time, commitment to always offer quality products to end users has made
PT AMBPI with its 24 years’ experience a benchmark for companies that  manufacture similar products.



To manufacture effective, environmentally friendly, and high-quality products. 


To be the best and the biggest in the construction materials industry in Indonesia.


To provide the best solution to construction needs for good quality products.


1988 - PT AMBPI was established as a sole distributor of AM Adhesive Manufacturer products, Australia.

1990 - Start producing our own products after obtained the license from Australia.

1992 - Open the first branch office in Surabaya

1997 - Open the 2nd branch office  in Denpasar

1999 - Open the third  branch office in Balikpapan

2006 - Open the 4th and 5th branch office in Semarang and Bandung

2011 - Open the 6th branch office in Samarinda and Serpong

2012 - Open the 8th branch office in Cakung