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PT AMBPI - MegaBuild Indonesia 2019, Launching New Products


On March 14-17 2019, an exhibition of building materials known as Megabuild Indonesia was held at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC). AM again presents the latest products, namely for the category of Floor Hardener and Grouting.

At this Megabuild Indonesia 2019 Exhibition AM as a company that provides building materials again presents the latest products, namely AM 83 - Floor Hardener and AM 89 - Non-Shrink Cementitious Grout. This product is one of the products that consumers are looking for because their needs are widely used for Factory and Building.

This is the latest product from AM:

1. AM 83 - Floor Hardener (Concrete Floor Hardener)

AM 83 is a powder floor concrete hardener product ready to use to increase the hardness of concrete surfaces so that it has resistance to vibration and impact. The advantage of this product is that the concrete floor surface becomes denser and harder, increases resistance to surface friction, increases resistance to impact loads, reduces dirt absorption, and is easy to clean.

Suitable for exterior and interior, dry and wet areas as well as warehouses, workshops, garages, showrooms, workshops, and parking areas.

2. AM 89 - Non-Shrink Cementitious Grout (Anti Shrink Cement Grout)

AM 89 is a grouting product that functions as a gap filler and concrete repairs. Contains cement which does not shrink and has good flowability and has high compressive strength.

Suitable for exterior and interior, dry and wet areas and this product is easy to use, only with the addition of water, easy to stir, has a consistent flow of power, fast addition of strength, high strength, anti-shrinkage and not corrosive.

To add to the excitement of the event, at Booth AM always provide product demos so that visitors know about what products they want to use and also provide some merchandise. In this booth, education is also provided if visitors want to ask questions or consult about problems or what material they want for home, we are ready with a Technical Support team that helps answer questions from visitors.