AM Epoxy Tile Grout
Lifetime Grout Filler

Epoxy-based grout filler is suitable for application in areas with a high level of hygiene, such as bathrooms, swimming pools, water reservoirs, hospitals, laboratories, etc.

Product excellence :
+ Resistant to friction & chemicals
+ Anti-mildew & mildew
+ Waterproof & durable
+ Easy to clean from dirt & dust
+ Not easy to crack & shrink
+ Long-lasting color

Packaging: 1 kgset


AM Epoxy Tile Grout ceramic grout filler from PT Adiwisesa Mandiri (a manufacturing company in the field of building materials manufacturer and distributor) is a lifetime AM grout filler with epoxy grout base material that is resistant to acids, fungi, and chemicals. Suitable to be applied as a ceramic grout for bathrooms, swimming pools, and other wet or submerged areas.

The AM Epoxy Tile Grout product has the advantage of being a grout that functions as a waterproof (waterproof) epoxy grout that is durable and easy to clean—equipped with 6 (six) choices of excellent and attractive ceramic grout colors. It can be used for interior and exterior hygienic areas, as well as floor or wall grout.

  • Interior & exterior
  • Dry, wet & submerged areas
  • Floor & wall
  1. Do not add other ingredients to the product.
  2. Use a clean container for mixing.
  3. Make enough mixture to be used up (pot life) within 30 minutes.
  4. Immediately clean the rest of the grout filler before it hardens on the tile surface.
  5. Do not expose to water during the 24-hour drying process.
  6. For water reservoirs/ponds, allow a minimum time lag of 7 days before filling the water for more optimal results.
  7. Store the product in a dry place and avoid direct sunlight.


Since 1988 AM has been building Indonesia with a range of quality construction materials.


We are the pioneer in the presence of instant cement (mortar) to tile gap filler (nat), adhesives, coatings, leakproof, additives, and a range of other construction products.


State-of-the-art production technology, the best raw materials, and high process stability ensure you get the best out of our products.


Adopting the latest technology from Australia, AM Indonesia is produced with a formula suitable for Indonesia’s tropical climate.


From time to time, we are committed to consistently providing quality products to our customers.